Can someone please do a reading or a physic impression for me about if my apartment I am looking into will be a good fit for me and my kids?

  • My boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot. Mainly he is adding rules for my kids when they come over., I feel they are very unfair. I was thinking of moving out and getting my own place. That way my kids and I can have our own time together. Without him dictating to me about what they should do when they come over. Can someone do a reading for me, and tell me if the aparmtent I am currently looking into will be a good fit for me? Financially speaking and also the atmosphere that the place had? It has mixed reviews online. But I have a friend that lives there and he says he really enjoys his apartment and the ammenities that they offer. My birthdate is 12-12-80. Thanks I really appreciate it.

  • Even if this apartment is not your best fit, you will all still be better off in your own place.

  • @TheCaptain I agree. I'm tired of my b.f. trying too control me and the way I want to live and do things. I'm looking at two apartments. The first onevs a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath apartment with a patio for 946 a month. It includes water, sewer, heat. Plus they have a pool and a fitness room. The 2nd apartment is 35 minutes away from work. It has newly renovated wood linoleum floors in kitchen, living room and dining room. Rent is 880 and up.. It includes water, sewer, trash pickup. They also have a outside pool, and and a exercise room too.

  • @TulipLilly what is your gut telling you about these apartments?

  • @TheCaptain that the apartment is better than where I'm at now. I'm a little nervous about moving out. But I can make it work financially. I yhink my kids snd I will be more happier too . I'm also nervous about telling my b.f. I'm going to make arrangements to tell him with someone else present.

  • @TulipLilly if your BF makes you this nervous, is he really a good fit for you?

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