Lol, did my cards just say I will have a sh*tty marriage? 😅

  • I used the Labyrinthos online card pull while asking the question, "If I'm to have several marriages, what will be the overall theme of my first marriage?" I received Nine of Cups upright.

    My interpretation is at first, my marriage will be great! (Fingers crossed!) It will bring much luck, abundance whether material or emotional love, and will fulfill many of my wishes for a future marriage.

    But that missing 10th cup...does it mean I feel mostly fulfilled, but there's a niggling feeling I feel of "what if?" There's a lot great but there's something missing. I'm really looking for what all this card can mean, especially in regards to my question, so all second opinions are welcome!

  • @TarotNewbie
    Nine of Cups can speak of a wish being fulfilled .. so this is a marriage that seems to fulfill your wishes but is it all of what you want ? Only you will be able to answer that in time ..

    When you speak of having several marriages you are already giving doubt to the first marriage of being successful ? You are already saying the first marriage will end in time .. that this marriage is not permanent...
    So the cards project your own doubt by saying that a wish is fulfilled ... that it is an attainment for the moment but yet it may end at some time, changes may take place.. etc ...
    So yes it feels as though something is missing...

    Hope this helps
    Take care

  • Thank you for your interpretation! And actually, maybe I should stop blending my interpretation of my astrology chart with tarot, because there are a few indications that I could have multiple marriages in my natal chart. But truly, the pessismist in me needs to calm down because I truly don't want several marriages in the first place.

  • @TarotNewbie
    welcome ..

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