Sex Life Reading = Got "Ten of Pentacles"? - WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

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    Asked my cards, "What will my sex life be with my future husband?" I used Labyrinthos online tarot deck and got Ten of Pentacles upright.

    I would say the card means we have a committed marriage, we're very content with our sex life, and with the many branches and fruit on the tree, we possibly might have a lot of children? Our sex life will produce a large family and our marriage in general will build a legacy together. And with Ten of Pentacles meaning abundance, I would interpret it means an abundance of good times in bed together? 😉

    But those are (still very nice!) general relationship things. I'm trying to see a more carnal interpretation of this card, haha, and as newbie, I'm not sure how to take it.

    Would anyone else have second opinions on this?

  • @TarotNewbie
    ten of Pentacles can also speak of Inheritance .. So in regards to sex it could ask what you have inherited in regards to thoughts, what you think may affect your sexual relationship ...Inherited from family views, values.

    It could mean your sexual relationship is grounded in the relationship overall but yet branches out to new possibilities.. things that may be untried as of yet but brings a wealth of abundance to the experience. (if you take the meaning of abundance , wealth ) Ten can also speak of things ending bringing new opportunities .. while Pentacles can speak of finances, health, material aspects and physical aspects ... (depending on how you read the card ..)

    Hope this helps , some suggestions .... Take care ..

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