How should I approach this guy to help him make easier his decision process?

  • Hi everyone

    How should I approach this guy to help him make easier his decision process?

    We know each other for 4 years and last summer I gave him an ultimatum for making a decision on making a live with me. He asked me for time to figure out other things going on with him and our relationship. We live in different countries and I know he gets overwhelmed when he has to make a decision.
    This week we talked and I told him that I was close to giving up and I feel he got scare of it and asked me how we could make it. His nature is a little bit negatives, so he can find obstacles everywhere, I gave him my insights and left the ball in his corner...
    Him (J, 23, 02, 76), Me ( Pao 01, 05, 79)

    Thanks a lot for your help

  • @Pata
    Hi ...
    when reading this my initial thoughts included
    What do you really want ? Are you prepared to wait? Can you really control how he feels and what he wants, the actions he will take in regards to this?
    It sounds as though he is not ready for things to move in that direction.

    Using Elemental Wisdom Tarot with
    How should you approach this guy to help him make easier this decision process?
    Elemntal wisdom tarot reading for
    Hierophant, The Hermit (RX) Six of Wands (RX)

    This asks you to approach with faith in this situation to know there will be delays or blocks to knowledge there is no light at the end of tunnel it does feel as though there is no victory in this situation if you push too hard try to control the situation..

    Hope this helps ... take care ...

  • Hi, Heka

    Thanks a lot for the reading.

    You're right, I can't control how he feels, I have little information from him in this regards bcs he is afraid of being vulnerable. I had a talk with him and he seems that is trying to figure out things. He asked me to meet, so we could talk, but that is going to be in March

    Let's see what happens

  • @Pata
    welcome ..

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