Help interpreting love spread please!

  • Hi! I’ve been casually seeing an older man for a few years now and I didn’t really see the relationship going anywhere due to his busy work schedule and his past heartbreaks. He is separated from his wife but they both agreed not to divorce due to financial reasons. Recently, I feel like there’s been a shift in feelings. I did a simple past, present, future read on him and drew the following: three of pentacles for past, judgement for present, and reverse lovers for future. I drew another card to clarify the future and got three of swords. I kinda have a read on it but feel a little biased. How would you interpret this spread?

  • @MoonStone89
    Which deck did you use?
    My thoughts would be 3 of Pentacles - recognition of your abilities, skills but can also speak of the need for support on some level , the present Judgement could ask you now need to act with discernment.. maybe an awakening to your own authenticity... Future Lovers RX could be a block to choices made or maybe a release of the relationship in some way. 3 of Swords does speak of heartbreak, sorrow .. a need to maybe expand or develop your perspectives on this situation ...

    It may be not what you want to hear ... but this could be a moment for you to do some deep thinking about what you truly want and how you can heal from what is .. looking at the facts of what is truly happening within this situation . Maybe some communication is needed to develop after resurrecting your true self coming from wanting to be recognized for who you are...

    Some ramblings .. hope this helps .take care ..