Need reading (answers)

  • Me and my boyfriend been together for 13 months now and he's 19 and im 17 yrs old.

    In about 2 months his family is planning on moving to Florida and we live in chicago.

    He asked me to go with him but im really confused.

    I wanted to know if its a good idea to move out there with him.?

  • I would say that if your asking then you must feel that maybe you shouldn't go. Maybe you should listen to your feelings. What do your parents think since they are responsible for you till your 18 unless your emancipated. If it weren't to work out how will you get back home? Not a lot of jobs out there for a 17 yr. old to make a lot of money. Are his parents going to support you too? Why doesn't he stay in Chicago with you? That could go both ways. I would think about this and see what the pros and cons are. Take care its hard times right now. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

  • Yes i ask myself those questions too. And i know his parents will support me because his mother was the one who mentioned it.

    But i will ask him to just stay here with me or we would just have to cut it off because no matter how much i would want to go with him i also think about what if it doesnt work out. what am i going to do,.

    Thank you so much..

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