Tarot spread interpretation

  • Hi,

    I did a single’s love reading and got the Hermit, Judgment, and Two of Cups.

    I feel like the hermit makes sense as that is the state I am in but I can’t really piece the others together.


  • @BrokenMoonstone
    Hi what deck did you use?
    The Hermit can speak of isolation, meditation, reflection , learning through silence, knowledge gained ...
    Judgement - resurrection, awakening, Spirituality, authenticity...
    while 2 of Cups an speak of a relationship, finding emotional balance, give and take (receive ) ... Love connection ....

    These cards combining could speak of after being in isolation there is a need to resurrect a relationship on some level... (is one thought )
    maybe through meditation or reflection an awakening to what is needed in finding emotional balance....

    These cards have so many layers depending on your initial thoughts..
    Hope this helps take care ,,,,

  • @BrokenMoonstone
    Hermit is an isolation theme.
    Judgment is a brand new beginning.
    2 of Cups represents feelings, affirming, play (of feelings, affirming, play).

    So, alone, then a brand new beginning of something very fun, playful, happy. So it sounds like something startlingly new in the emotional realm begins that is a complete rewrite of your emotional understanding. Very happy for a change!

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