Siblings bond

  • Hi,
    I have two brothers. I am curious to know my bond with them in future and bond between them. Does family love will get strong or change with time?

    Elder brother DOB: 11 April 1983
    Younger brother DOB: 8 Nov 1997
    My DOB: 8 Dec 1988

  • You and your elder brother: The success of this relationship will usually depend on whether effective leadership and direction can be established within it. Unfortunately, you Sara have an erratic, irresponsible and idiosyncratic side that will not suit your brother in areas that demand a lot of stability. Your brother tends to have fixed moral ideas, and you can find it difficult or impossible to live up to them. Thus the two of you are likely to experience more than your share of combat and conflict, which is likely to upset the family group. Yet there is also a strange loyalty here, which will unite you in times of danger and threat. Your relationship will likely be most successful in the future if you don’t demand deep feeling from each other or have daily interaction and contact. Your brother can have problems responding to the needs of his loved ones, especially if they are emotional needs, and may shirk his domestic responsibilities. Around the age of forty however, he should start to focus his energies less on financial security and popularity, and more on his close friends and family.

    You and your younger brother: This can be an agreeable enough relationship, but it isn’t necessarily a reliable one. It often focuses on expressing its disapproval of established mores, and it can even outright rebel. As a pair, the two of you will be unable to accept the status quo. Your relationship's internal cohesion is somewhat weak. Your brother needs to develop a greater sense of humour because he can take himself and life far too seriously. When the two of you are not facing any kind of external threat, for example, you will tend to turn on each other, engaging in fierce disagreements or simply drifting apart. You can affect each other favorably in the future, but you must take care not to let your competitive and combative urges run out of hand. After the age of thirty-four, your brother will experience a turning point when he starts to become more practical, disciplined and goal-oriented in the realization of his objectives and be less drawn to an unconventional way of life.

    Brother and brother: This relationship will have to deal with uncertainty and instability. Your younger brother is patient, long-suffering and watchful whereas the older brother can be impatient and in a hurry to move on to something new. Thus, differences in tempo, style and feeling will cause problems here. Furthermore, the younger brother can resent the older brother's leadership qualities and may see him as inflexible and dictatorial. A struggle may emerge over where the authority in the relationship lies. Serious struggles over authority may occur between them, particularly as they are siblings of the same sex. Persisting into adult life, such encounters may involve finances, inheritances and dominance in the family group. These two have much to teach one another if they can only see past their differences.

  • @TheCaptain thank you for reading. Though I care for both but yes sometimes I leave argument just to save relationship.

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