The number 2 brings death in my family

  • Hello and thank you in advance for taking the time and answer this. I have no idea how numerology works, however, I am trying to find out if this has a meaning or it's a pure and simple coincidence.

    Long story short, the number 2 is related to my family and often brings death. Example:

    1992 - Grandfather dies
    2002 - Second grandfather dies
    2012 - Grandmother dies
    2022 - In the next days, but most probably at the start of the new year, my father will die. He's been in ICU since August and finally on 21 (again) of December he had a cardiac arrest and now is still alive kept by the machines.

    Can I add: 2020 - My last grandmother fell and broke her hand, sadly, because of the scare she developed an aggressive dementia. Also, that was the trigger that cause dad to be like this. Something happen, broke in him and led him to be in and out of hospitals until august.

    Thank you, I am trying to make sense of all of this and would love to understand if there is something more to this.

  • ohh so sad
    its a very difficult time for you
    prayers for your father

  • Since we entered the twentieth century, there is always a 2 in the date, so it is not particularly significant.

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