I've interpreted a spread about my future husband, but one card's presence is really throwing me off. Second opinions very welcome!

  • I used Trusted Tarot's Love Reading. I got Queen of Cups upright, The Sun upright, and the Hanged Man upright. I specifically asked in regards to my future husband's personality and character qualities, but I am also open to these cards commenting on the relationship's personality and progress as well.

    My interpretation?

    The Queen of Cups is saying my future husband will have a deep emotional nature. Very empathetic, kind, nurturing. Because this is female energy, I see this being connected to lunar/moon energy, which is feminine. Perhaps he has Cancer placements in his natal chart. Or maybe Pisces, because the Queen of Cups is near water. OR, our relationship is characterized by strong emotional understanding and connection. With it being upright, this is not inhibited, but straightforward emotional connection. In fact, Queen of Cups appeared twice, so I can tell this is very important in our connection.

    The Sun is telling me, he's...sunny! This is funny, because Solar energy shows up a lot in my Vedic and Tropical chart in regards to future partners. He will be outgoing, adventurous, charming, and brings many people to him easily. Perhaps my husband is a public figure or just very popular - people are drawn to him like people seek out light from the sun. With this being in connection to the Queen of Cups, perhaps he is seen as this shiny, attractive figure by most, but he has a deep emotional nature not seen by many. Perhaps he specifically needs a female figure to bring it out of him or for him to be comfortable to reveal that side of himself - that female figure being me?

    The Hanged Man. Ah, this is the one that threw a wrench in things for me. If it means an indecisive partner, I detest that, so I hope that isn't so. Perhaps The Hanged Man means he has the deep emotional nature (Queen of Cups) but feels inhibited to show it. I wonder why. Perhaps our relationship begins stalled in some way - one of us is unavailable when we meet, or we don't quite start off as romantic partners, perhaps meeting as friends then reconnecting years later as romantic partners.

    But again, I still feel overall this is a simplistic interpretation, so I would love to hear perspectives from others, especially those more experienced than me. They can be positive, negative, realistic, neutral, whatever interpretations, whatever you're feeling. All second opinions welcome!

  • Oh, anybody? 🙂

  • Can someone please help? Really need some ideas...

  • hi ..
    If we look at the cards being in context with personality and character qualities ..
    we see Queen of Cups - being gentle, kind, caring , emotional person, takes everything to heart ..
    Sun - someone who finds happiness in all that they do .. and the Hanged man could speak of someone who is able to see things from different perspectives ..

    If in regards to the actually relationship it could a be an emotional relationship.. with happy moments and needing to look at things from different perspectives or could get tied up too busy focused on only own path .within the relationship... .

    If talking about the progress of the relationship .. The Relationship could start out all full of love and gentleness , full f happy moments but needing to cut free from selected path.. needing to look at all options possible within the relationship ... ..

    This is keeping the reading real simple ... don't let self get too complicated, too waffly with the reading ... Usually first initial thoughts the first sentence is right in that moment ... ..
    So talking about an indecisive partner could be someone who likes you to make decisions too . someone who is easy going and able to see all options possible at this time ...

    Some rambly thoughts .. hope it helps .. take care ...

  • @hekatesxing

    You're awesome - thank you!

    I really should have narrowed down my reading to one question, regarding only his character/personality. But, that is chiefly what I meant, so that is good to hear. Again, thank you for your interpretation!

  • @TarotNewbie
    You are so welcome ..

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