Ten of wands job interview outcome

  • Hi all, new here.

    My wife has done me one card for a job interview on whether I’d get the job. Pre interview she got ace of swords. Had interview yesterday and earlier today got ten of wands.

    Any ideas please on whether I will get good or bad news? Obviously haven’t been told outcome but hiring manager yet.

    Many thanks 🙂

  • @Markta
    Some rambly thoughts ..
    ten of wands can mean burden, something weighing you down in regards to the job interview ... Ace of Swords can speak of clarity , removing confusion from the interview. speak clearly , think clearly before you speak ...

    Three cards can be a better reading ... with the question What do I need to know re the interview?

    One card can not always give the full picture ... as there are many meanings to each card and another card or two can give much more of a full answer ..so looking at these two cards together . I would say there was a need to speak clearly within the interview but now something seems to weigh heavily about the interview within self ...

    It really depends on your Wife's interpretation of the card as sometimes first thoughts without over analyzing is the right one ... That very first word or sentence that came to mind .. (intuitive hit )

    Hoe that helps take care ...

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