Man made toxic twin flame concept

  • Hello again lovely souls.
    I am learning more along my journey about the false beliefs surrounding twin flames, and how it is more about unhealed energetic ties than society’s version of “your other half”. No one is missing half of their soul. I bought into this made up concept hook-line- and sinker, because it described my past relationship to every detail. Especially the toxicity, in both of us. It takes an unhealthy/unhealed person to be with another..

    I’ve been working for several months to heal these wounds that bound our connection. It is by far the hardest “work” I’ve done in this life and maybe past lives too. Understanding the reason why I could love someone who does not see, hear or accept me has brought a level of peace and clarity to my life that I’ve never experienced. Not to mention the spiritual connections I have developed as well. I now have the ability to channel source in several ways, if I’m grounded and emotionally detached (in a healthy way).

    In order to start my journey towards healing, I painfully but not regrettably went no contact with this person. For me, that was a big deal because at this stage in my life I have also gone no contact with my entire immediate family, but this person hurt to leave.. on such a deeper level. This past weekend was the full moon in Gemini, ironically he is a Gemini.. and I could feel myself getting ready to purge another level of wounded emotions. Sometimes I’m able to see it, feel it, honor it and let it flow through me. This time I went back to old programming and failed the second test I’ve encountered in as many months. He reached out through the only left connection he has to reach me, and I responded. It brought all that pain and discomfort back immediately. It was excruciating mentally and emotionally.

    Luckily I have practiced enough self care to love myself through this slip up. I’ve asked for help from guides and found relief when they offer me comfort. I do believe I am so close to healing these ties. 2 days before he made contact I dreamt of him for the first time in months. The dream stayed with me for the entire day, but I couldn’t make sense of it. It left me feeling sad and missing him. I don’t think it was a coincidence. I’m just too close to it all emotionally to SEE past what I feel.

    I wonder, is there anyone who could tell me if he’s doing this healing work too? Is he healing or is he still stuck? Does he care about ME.. or is this just some last stitch effort to keep a door open? Any advice/opinion is welcome.
    Thank you for reading this through ❤

    His bday 6/15/83
    Mine 2/12/87

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