• i am a cancer. I have a horrible temper, and bad attitude. I am loud and crazy. My best friend happens to be a picses. He rarely gets mad, and he's extremely quiet. He can get crazy, but most of the time hes just silent. i have tried to get him mad many times, but i ended up getting myself angry because i couldn't get him mad. I have found myself in a very weird position. I can't stop thinking about him. He has always been my best friend, and he will always be my best friend, but recently i've been wanting more. All of my other friends claim we flirt a lot, and we do. Sometimes i think he does like me, but other times its like he could care less. i sent him a message on myspace a few weeks ago. He told me me that it bothered him. i don't remember what exactly i put in the message, but i do remember part of it.

  • Pisces and Cancer can be a great match. However, Pisces hate it when people talk badly about others (you may not have, but it's something to keep in mind). Be extra sensitive, and apologize about the myspace thing. He'll likely get over it. Also Pisces are SUPER shy, and he may like you but honestly have no idea you like him back. Show your sweet side a little (all Cancers have one!), and if all else fails, just tell him how you feel. Pisces are romantic, and he'll appreciate your openness. Another thing to remember is sometimes Pisces run hot and cold, or simply have their head in the clouds, and it's nothing personal. Best of luck, and if he doesn't reciprocate your feelings, you'll still have the most sensitive, caring friend.

  • I am in the same boat with my Pisces man. He was badly hurt in his last relationship and I think that's part of the problem (although he won't talk about it because of how shy he is). I told him that I love him last week and he said that he loves me too. I know it's the truth because he would not lie about that, I just don't know if he's thinking about a future with me or if this is just a for now thing. I need the advice of a Pisces man!!! Also, to throw something else in there, he is half filipino which makes him even more laid back! HELP!!!

  • pisces are indecisive . they dont think abt future n shit. they are cowards. they cant face a difficult situation. n most inportant all the pisces i ve met cant let go off their past relationship. they brood a lot. n also they r flirts so watch out. they have disappearing act which i ******* hate. they listen to u so keenly n the next moment they r gone unavailable. kill the fish. go for a scorpion

  • cancerchicalatina>>i have tried to get him mad many times, but i ended up getting myself angry because i couldn't get him mad

    Sandran>>I am Cancer too.And,you would piss me off if you did that to me.That is so juvenile..I only get upset if someone does something stupid..Like this...I have a temper also but, it is always justified.

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