make a hint in the game

  • Faced with such a problem, I want to make a hint in the game, like a complete passage of a level, a game in the genre of puzzles, the essence of the game is to move the cubes so that you can get to the exit, before that I made such a hint, I took a screenshot every turn, and then transferred everything to unity, but there were too many screenshots, which worsened optimization. How can this be implemented? Thank you in advance for any help)

  • This post is deleted!

  • The main thing in making a puzzle is to make sure that it is possible to solve it at all. Otherwise, your players will not feel smart or stupid — they will just get angry at you and are unlikely to want to continue looking for a solution. If you want to create games of different genres, including puzzles, you can go to . You will learn how to properly introduce mechanics into the game, as well as how all this is implemented with the help of modern tools.

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