Urgent!!! going abroad...how will relationship be?

  • i would be leaving my country for abroad in 3 mnths for 3 yrs or so. I have a friendship of past 3 years with a person. How will it be when we are far apart from each other in the future, will it last and go to commitement or we will go different paths....how should i go about it...plz do a reading urgently.i like him too much.he is not atall expressive, i have to do all the calling him up n initiatives...till now living in the same city have been managing. will i lose him if i am out of sight.....will he agree for commitement in the coming years?

  • Since you make all of the initial contact, you truly have no idea how connected he really feels about you. How about making no contact for a week or two and see how he responds?

    Normally, separations take a toll on relationships. Remember the saying, "Out of sight, out of mind?" Unless this is someone you have dated for years, it is highly unlikely anything more will develop. Liking someone does not automatically send out magnetic signals, forcing hm into your control. His likes and dislikes may be totally different from yours.

    I get the impression you are very young and inexperienced in boy/girl relationships. Don't take it personally when things do not work out. Shared interests, values and goals brings people together. If the feeling is mutual, you could remain friends. However, it is unlikely that he will wait for you to return before moving on.

    View life as if is really is a box of your favorite chocolates and savor each moment as if you may never experience that day again. You have a lot to look forward to, meeting new friends, learning a new language and a totally different culture. Don't tie yourself up in a knot over one guy who you like now. Who knows how you will feel 3 years from now?

  • Dear Drgagannagi, I would like to hopefully enlighten you. First we start with the 9 of swords which I see as your anxiety and worry about someone. I see you worrled about your present situation and want things to work out. Next we have the Star which I feel shows that you are lacking the fulfillment that you need in a relationship and are wishing your future is better than the past. Next we have the moon, You my dear may be disilliusined by his actions, words or be taken by surprise by being chastised unfairly. Next is Justice, she asks you to let time take it's course, but to review the quality of your relationship, quality not quantity. Now we have the Sun

    you will see or hear the truth which will set you free as long as you keep an open mind. The Ace of swords shows to me that you are contemplating a move to a new area.Everyone seems to be under alot of pressure.The Devil next says to proceed with caution,plan carefully.The Hierophant tells me that romance will enter your life , but the relationship will not be the elevated love you are looking for.

  • I have to agree with Firefly01. You state that this is a friendship, yet you have to do all the calling. I know with my friends, they reach out to me sometimes. I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but that is enough indication that this will probably not last once you move. He doesn't reach out to you now when you are close, so why would he take the time to once you are far away? It may be hard to hear but I also see good in your future. Like Firefly01 said, you have a chance to learn a new culture, meet new people, and experience something different. You can make many new friends and have fun. If you really care for this guy, tell him how you feel in a low key way and see what he says. If he doesn't seem to feel the same, as firefly said distance yourself and stop calling. If he is still interested, he will call. If not, you can get better in terms of friends and love interests.

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