Gemini Girl Virgo Guy

  • I've been in a long term relationship with my Virgo guy, we love each other, but there are so many mixed signals from him on commitment. Can any one share insite to the 'True" Virgo guy and their fears of commitment and trust?

  • I am a virgo girl and my husband of almost 9 years is a gemini guy. I can somewhat understand what you and him are both going through in the fact that I have the same problems he does in not trusting, hence the mixed signals on commitment.

    I'm guessing that sometime in his life he was burned and he will have issues for a long time if not forever on the trusting thing.

    Me and my husband literally just have to take it one day at a time. Don't think because he has commitment and trust issues he doesn't love you. He is probably just very afraid of opening up again to the possibility of being hurt.

    I wish I could be of more help, but I am somewhat in the same situation, but I'm the one that has the trust issues.

    The only thing I can tell you is it's a very long and difficult journey, but not one that cannot be accomplished. Just keep loving him and proving to him that you won't hurt him, and it will work out the way that it should. 😃

  • Virgos dont mind being alone for the most part so it could just be that he is giving you mixed signals because he knows with or without you he thinks he will be okay. He doesnt want to think he "needs" to be with anyone. But more than likely he does so he has to be big macho guy. He also is trying to make sure you dont get the idea that just because you are a couple that he has to give up all dependence. Its kind of a power struggle he is having with you. Let him no he has a certain amount of freedom within the relationship so he can fully be there with you when your spending time together.

  • oops i meant to say give up all independence, not dependence. Alot of guys are afraid of that by the way.

  • It's not just your guy, All men are afraid of commitment. It's just the way most of them are. It's all about approach. I think Gemini are the most afraid. Sorry

  • I was nearly 8 years in a relationship with a virgo guy and i am gemini. The first few years everything was great between us but he turned into the most horrible person in the last 3 years of our relationship (which was always on/off). He was always flirting with anything that walked to play with my feelings, lying, cheating and jealous when i'm happy and he is not. It was disaster but he was the one in our good moments who would talk about marriage and family and he loves kids. In our case i was the one who always said that i wouldn't commit not in the next 5-6 years because i felt i was too young. And in my experience dating a virgo, then aries, followed by a gemini, definitely the virgo is the most commitment/family oriented one.

  • You are right about Virgo. They love kids and most of them has a bunch.

  • lol..I don't know much about that but yeh I guess we are afraid of commitment..I met a taurus and he was ready to commit after only 3 month I wasn't ..until about 3-4 years later...I don't know about the flirting I think its harmless..once a virgo's heart is yours its for keeps..this is just from my side...but once hurt then they won't give their heart away right then and there...they are very picky about who they choose to share their life.

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