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  • I recently split with my partner, but am still living with him because I have no way to support myself right now. No car, no money, live too far to walk anywhere for work, no real internet because we just moved and I have to work around his schedule to watch our child, because we have no viable babysitter close by, so I'm looking for the right kind of venture to create my own means to support myself, with an insanely flexible schedule. Honestly a lot of the reason for the split was due to needing to finally invest in me, instead of the thousands we've invested into him and his projects/dreams that have gotten us nowhere! I own very little except a few things handed down from ancestors and clothes, so I'd be starting from scratch. Anyway, I need help with guidance on which avenues would be the most beneficial for me. My decks are not helping me right now in that way as they are geared mostly toward spiritual growth and positive affirmations, not 3D, material matters. Can anyone help a girl out?

    I'm thinking of doing a virtual assistant position once we get the internet set up here, but I'll need help financially to get the laptop up to date and workable. The other thing I was considering is trying to make TikTok videos. I know it sounds lofty, but it's not impossible. I have some dancing talent, but nothing I can go out in the world and really market as anything more than entertainment and I don't have the figure to be an exotic dancer lol. I also have a sister I can live with and then do a PT job around there, but I don't do well living with others and her dog is bigger than my kid and it worries me the way he looks at her sometimes. And it would not be enough to live on or ever become self-sufficient, because i am limited on my hours available to work.

    I'd be very grateful for anyone that can help!

  • @IrieEden
    Normally, on here I would do a Tarot reading to try and solve your situation but I think this time I need to try something else. I hope you don't mind, it might turn out to be a bit lengthy.

    I know just how you feel because I've been there many times throughout my life, I never seem to choose the right path to follow and end up on my backside wondering how I got there. I did meet a man in the 90's who gave me a job on his Tarot line, even though I had never picked a card up in my life. He didn't just teach me how to read the cards he taught me so much about myself. Every time he noticed me having a bad day, be it money, partners, family etc he would take me to one side and ask what the problem was and by the time we finished our little chat I felt absolutely replenished and full of vitality. He just listened to my problem and then at the end of the talk he would give me a friendly hug, look me straight in the eye and say, "I've just taken your problem, wrapped it up with a positive thought and now you will be fine."

    Now you talk about positive affirmations and I read a book many years ago called, The Game of Life and How to Play it, which I tried to work with for several months but it ended up on the bookshelf gathering dust. So, yes I have been there too and yet I still can't work out how my Boss on the Tarot line just listened, gave me no advice yet with one hug and repeating that same phrase made me feel like I didn't have a care in the world. And the amazing thing was, it lasted for months until I made a wrong choice or major decision in my life.
    For the next twenty odd years I looked for this man every time I ended up in unhappy situations until around February 2020 when I met an old girl friend who I worked with on that Tarot line. We arranged to get together and she invited me round to her place for dinner with her family and to have a long talk about old times.

    Here's the punch line! After hours of talking and a few glasses of wine, I told her what the Boss used to do when I couldn't cope with my problems and she said, "didn't you know? He did that for most of us." He knew that if any of his staff or workforce was not 100 percent they could not give their best readings. So he would keep an eye out for signs indicating stress and worry on all his staff, day in and day out. These little chats he had with people were nothing actually but he knew that, by noticing a person under whatever pressure was affecting them he had to get them to take their mind off it and this was his technique.
    I have used this technique to help people over the past two years, especially those who have been affected through COVID, whatever the situation, losses, hardships and just pure misery.
    It's as if I have become a trash collected, I take away people's rubbish by listening, wrapping it up then dumping it on my imaginary rubbish dump.

    I have read your story, wrapped it up with a positive thought and while I have been writing this reply, given you a virtual hug and I believe, now you will be fine.

  • @Sirius I was tearing up reading this. Thank you! I think what's going on is that I have to find my intuitive voice and stop searching outside myself. Every avenue I've tried shows me that I'm supported and loved and fails to guide me toward anything in particular. I believe I need to be inwardly guided and trust that I will always have that love and support regardless of what I choose. Thank you again for this heartfelt message and for sharing your story! Bless you!!

  • @IrieEden Thank you too.
    I am so happy that I was able to help you. You will find much more than what you have been looking for now.
    You are so lucky to have what is yours now, so hang on to it with all your heart.
    God bless you and stay positive, your gifts are on their way... 💖

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