Strategy for Playing in the Casino

  • “There is a very easy way to return form a casino with a small fortune; go there with a large one.”

    This quote from Jack Yelton neatly summarizes a common view of casino gambling. Many people believe that it’s nothing more than a surefire way to lose some money. They’re not entirely correct.

    It’s true that most people who play casino games lose in the long run. It’s also true that casinos have an overwhelming advantage that simply cannot be overcome. However, it’s not true to say that it’s impossible to win in the casino. If it was, there simply wouldn’t so many people who play casino games. The fact that there IS a chance of winning is precisely what makes them so appealing.

    Now, casino gambling does ultimately come down to luck. The odds are in the casinos’ favor, which is why they always win in the long run, but players can and do get lucky on occasion. And casino gambling isn’t ENTIRELY about luck either. Contrary to popular belief, there are certain things that players can do to improve their chances of winning. This is essentially where casino strategy comes in.

    We explore the subject of casino strategy extensively on this page. We start by explaining two important concepts that you should understand – random chance and the house edge – and then offer some basic advice that can give you a better chance of winning. We also explain how learning optimal play can help, and finish with details of two important casino strategies you should be aware of. These are card counting in blackjack and using betting systems.

    The unfortunate truth about casino gambling is that the house edge exists in each and every game that casinos that offer. It doesn’t matter whether we’re playing slots, roulette, blackjack, or any other game, the casino is always going to have this inherent advantage.

    This is why players need luck to win in the casino.
    Although you can’t actually overcome the house edge in the casino, there are a few things that you can do to effectively minimize its effect. That’s what casino strategy is largely about, and it’s why luck is not the only factor. There’s nothing you can do to guarantee regular and consistent winnings, but you can improve your overall chances of winning. At the very least, you can reduce the rate at which you lose.

    Here are two easy to follow tips that will instantly give you better value for money in the casino.

    Play games with the lowest house edge
    Take advantage of casino rewards
    One important thing you should know is that the size of the house edge is not the same in every casino game. It can vary from very low to very high. Somewhat obviously, if you play the games with the lowest house edge then you’re keeping a casino’s advantage over you to a minimum. There are three games in particular that have very low house edges, and are also very easy to learn. We recommend playing these if you want to make your money last in the casino.

    Video Poker
    Another important thing to know is that casinos reward their customers. Their primary goal is to have as many people playing at their games and machines as possible, for as long as possible. The more gaming activity they handle, the bigger their profits will be. They therefore incentivize their customers to play more often, by giving them rewards.

    Most venues provide their customers with player cards. These cards record a player’s gaming activity, and casinos issue comps based on that activity. Comps can come in the form of free drinks, meals, accommodation, or even extra chips to gamble with. You

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