Its the bull I love

  • The taurus the bull they are stubborn but I am in love with one and he wont even acknowlege me . its making me crazy

  • Maybe because he;s not the one. No acknowlegement on feelings. How long have you known this person?

  • Been there, done that. Not worth it.

  • Hi MsDovie,

    How long have you known him for? What exactly is he not acknowledging?

    I am Taurus and the man I am in love with is Taurus and I have to say that we are very slow and cautious to fall in love and give our heart to someone (and I am going through the same thing with him at the moment!)

  • I find Taurus men can be a really great friend. he will back you up when you need help or cornered. there are 2 types that I know. one is always nice, even though we don't end up romantic. the other can snap out of jealousy sometimes, not sure jealous of what, maybe boss being nice at me etc

    Anyway I don't know romantic wise but I think if you are cheerful and social personality, you will get his attention. They usually have a lot of friends and group up with them often. Why don't you try mingle with his friends? he might notice you that way. I don't know how exactly they are romantic wise, but it depends on a lot of things like your full birth chart, family upbringing etc

    Even if it's not romantic, you can depend on them as friends, at least I find them that way.

  • I am a Taurus female, although I do anything would be very serious, very hard, but I feel a lack of awareness of innovation, this day and age, if there is no sense of innovation will be social outcasts, I very much changed. Who can tell me where to start to change, where change from.

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