Scorpio woman back as a cancer woman

  • The scorpio woman did break up because of the long distance... but out of nowhere.. everything was perfect. How can they switch that quick? Then act like nothing happend.. i was heart broken.

  • I couldn't really tell... I think it's more about the actual person you're dealing with than the sign itself but as a Scorpio woman, I can tell you that sometimes, I do take hasty decisions out of fear of being hurt. And I also tend to harshly regret these decisions and often come back... I don't know if it's a Scorpio thing.

    Now, you've been hurt, I think you should talk about what her decision to break up made you feel with her 😰

  • Hey! Thanks a lot... i cut her off after, and then contact again, but then she ignored.... should i text her again and tell her te reason why i cut her off? because it hurt me?

  • I think you should. I'm not sure if she will answer but at least, you won't have any regrets about whether you should have told her or not...
    She may ignore you out of pride or sadness, maybe even both. But you won't know until you tell / ask her. And again, if she doesn't answer, at least, you won't have any regrets since you'd have done everything you could.
    I truly hope she will answer and that it will work out for you.

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