Will he be back or leave me alone?

  • Hi captain ,
    Hope you are well and healthy..

    Ended a 3 month relationship on Saturday with him ( 23 March 1984) I’m 14 October 1986.

    Felt like he was losing interest plus he was becoming even more stingy. He is also very into his new job and it’s making me think there is an interest there now.

    Anyway he blocked me as things have ended, but will he come and talk to me?

    What’s next ?

    Is he toxic because I would have still stayed friends .....

    Or has he got something sinister planned because maybe I hurt his ego?

    What do you pick up please? Gosh not had a reading in so long.

    Thank you 🙏🏼

  • @Jana-Star the relationship’s volatile nature may ensure a rough ride, with quite a few emotional ups and downs. Perhaps the biggest problem here is that you may not be tough enough to cope with the tremendous self-confident career drive of this man, which may leave you feeling abandoned or neglected for long periods of time. Bringing out your insecure, nervous side, such neglect may lead to recriminations, anger and resentment, which this man will probably view with annoyance as an intrusion on his valuable time.

    Since time and distance seems to make the relationship fonder for him, he may well come back but being together for any amount of time will drive him away again. If you want to get out of this on-again, off-again cycle, you need to make the break complete as this will never be a close or stable permanent relationship of any kind.

    I feel he will be too involved in his own work and life to give the ended relationship much thought.

  • Hi there

    Thank you . Yes I feel this too. I am now thinking I could be pregnant. Could you look into this for me please?

    Thank you

  • @Jana-Star a pregnancy kit is the best way to know for sure but I feel you are not.

  • It’s saying negative . Thanks

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