Hi Captain, if you are still here, it's been a while, can you Read my relationship Please?

  • I met this man (initials CLJ) 5 years ago on 7/2/2016, while vacation in another state, at an outdoor family (his) gathering and we hit it off instantly! i knew it was a past life connection very shortly into our interacting because we both were fast 'friends'. A year later he moves to my state and we have lived together since. it has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride i might add; many ups and downs but we always seem to move through and remain together due to the deep bond we share; though is has not been easy.

    this last situation has me feeling tired and discouraged now and feeling like maybe it's not meant to be anymore. Should i (we) let this go??? Is there anymore hope for repair? i question his commitment and faithfulness to this relationship anymore. Has this become a 'dead end' situation that need to just be let go; or is there still fate/destiny between us together? i'm so discombobulated anymore; need clarity & direction! Any insight is most appreciated!


  • There was indeed a past life connection here but the karma from that lifetime has now been paid off. There Is no more need to be together.

  • @TheCaptain A very painful 'confirmation' to say the least, but you have no doubt validated what i consciously/subconsciously have wanted to deny/ignore 😞 As always, thanks for your kind responsiveness. Most appreciated!



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