Tarot advice, the cards not giving an answer to a question.

  • Can anyone explain why the tarot cards will not answer a question you asked? I only asked the question once and the answer sounds like nonsense given the situation.

    Does the cards just don't want to tell me or do the cards not know their selves?

    I hope I make sense explaining this and the person gave me the reading said the cards did not make any sense not me.

  • @Bluangel27
    The cards always have an answer, although it may not make sense in the moment, it becomes clear over time.
    It may depend on how experienced the reader is as well, it may have been a problem interpreting the cards pulled

  • The cards will always answer the question .. it is about framing the answer in context to the question. By understanding the layers of the cards and the way they merge together to create an answer... This can come from the readers understanding of the cards through experience. The answer may not be the one that is wanted, expected but it is an answer of some sort. The cards answer can also be created through symbols, through the images of the cards .. It may take some reflection to get clarity.

  • Well I asked about the whereabouts of my missing cat. Apparently one of the cards was about pregnancy? She didn't explain further about the reading because she couldn't understand it. Anything about pregnancy doesn't make sense because my cat can't get pregnant. I don't know how to feel about the situation. Maybe ask another reader that can understand the message. @hekatesxing @Greywaren

  • @Bluangel27
    Without knowing what the cards were in the spread used, deck used, it can be difficult to say exactly what the message was ... knowing the cards can have many layers to it. ..

    Another thing to maybe reflect upon Pregnancy could symbolic .. as in giving birth to something new .. beginning something new ... it could speak of being fertile, bringing into abundance, bounty ... so without knowing the rest of the cards it is truly difficult to understand the message fully ...
    Another reader would have to focus and lay out the cards themselves with the question in mind...

  • Yeah, I went to another reader to do an angel card reading about it. That reading gave more insight for me to work with.

  • @Bluangel27
    That is good...

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