What does a videographer do at a wedding?

  • Videographers are trendy again, nowadays people want to have as many memories of their lives as possible to be recorded and wedding videos are in demand more than ever before. But what does a videographer do? And what does it take to become one? Videographers' responsibilities can be summarized in one main task – recording live events and small scale videos – although this one activity involves several related tasks which we will go through below.

    Videographers shoot and edit video footage. That's obvious. But they may also wear other hats, including sound production, or film editing. Many times they're involved in post-production after the video has been shot. They may handle everything from interviewing to editing film, or they may operate the camera itself.

    The field of videography has changed a lot over the years as technology has evolved into the digital space. What hasn't changed is that Videographers are strongly creative, with a terrific eye for catching action. You'll find videographers everywhere film is needed: at college basketball games or in a war zone, in an advertising agency or your local nightly news studio.

    The job duties of a wedding videographer focus on recording a wedding and related events with a video camera. This career typically involves freelance work, and your responsibilities vary depending on the needs and plans of each client. As a wedding videographer, you usually meet with each couple before the wedding to assess their needs and plan the project. You may film the couple throughout the day, record them at the wedding venue, and capture images during the ceremony and reception. After the wedding, you edit the footage to create a wedding film for your clients.

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    What is a videographer?
    Even though videographers' versatility can be applied to a diverse number of videos such as weddings, birthday parties, interviews, commercial videos, corporate and brand promotional video productions, to a large scale, videographers can be involved in large video production or cinematic films, TV commercials and music videos.

    Corporate videos are mainly focused on documenting part of the business and ensuring videos communicate the company's values and vision. Corporate videographers are usually external, although some companies have an in-house team. The latter is usually more convenient for e-commerce stores or companies who need video marketing as a fundamental tool in the customer acquisition strategy. Examples of corporate videography would be charity and company events, product videos or explainers for self-promotion or just video documentation.

    Freelance videographers, just like many independent workers enjoy more freedom and work flexibility as they can choose their projects according to their taste. I know some videographers who choose only to do commercial, fashion and beauty videos as that is not only their expertise but also what they are more attracted to. By being a freelancer, videographers can also copyright their work as opposed to in-house videographer whose work is subjected to the company's copyright. On the other hand, by being self-employed, like many other freelancers, they have to work hard to get clients and manage all the aspects of the business.

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