Dear Captain, a relationship reading please?

  • There were lots of conflicted hearts and difficult situations in my life. Here's the last of my questions about it all. I'd love some of your excellent insight into this relationship. All your usual wisdom would be wonderful.

    M: 03 July 1984
    F: 28 Feb 1984

    Thank you in advance!

  • This relationship can be a deep and absorbing one. Its energy is serious and its orientation philosophical, religious or even spiritual. This by no means implies an intellectualism here, but rather an orientation based on belief or faith. The two of you are normally quite private individuals, and your relationship synergistically expands on this tendency, sometimes producing extremes of secretiveness. Most attempts to pry the two of you out of your shell will be met with resistance - you may just prefer spending time alone, either separately or together. A love affair here will tend to be more sexually than romantically oriented. Feelings are often kept inside in such a matchup, rather than being expressed. If arguments and disputes are unusual, this is because the mood here can be a quiet one in which much is left unsaid. Communication often takes place on a non-verbal level: each person will usually know instantly how the other is feeling. But you should take care not to hammer down and repress your frustrations; the two of you will need to create an atmosphere in which you can express criticism and disapproval without fear of upset or rejection. Unless the two of you can be more open and trusting with each other, the relationship likely will founder.

  • Hmmm. That wasn't what I expected but some of it rings true . Very interesting - thank you Captain 🙂

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