Looking for direction

  • I'm in a relationship for the last 6 months... it is great and we love each other.. but... I am running into blocks that i know are from past relationships. I want to rid myself of these blockages, but i'm not sure how to go about it... I am afraid i will bring this relationship to the same conclusion as the others... one of nagging and misstrust on my part, all the while trying to control my partner passively...

    Can anyone give me some insight... into clearing these blockages and helping me move into this relationship without the baggage from the past?

  • everything that we experienced in life, are meant to be experienced. the universe throws us challenges so that we can overcome them and learn from them. life is meant to move forward, to advance, to the betterment of our selves.

    take a look at what happened and what you have done in the past. observe every single events without fear and worry. admit your wrongs and rights. make amends where you need to and applaud yourself for all the rights you have done. then close the door to the past and move on.

    ask the universe (or whatever you call the Divine power) for help to move on. Just because it has thrown you challenges doesn't mean it won't send you help of any kind. the purpose is to learn from the events, by asking for help, you already show you want to learn.

    the psyche speaks through the heart, so any selfless request to the universe has to be made from the heart. in the past you haven't listened to the heart, mind has the capacity to manipulate you, so for balanced look into life, you need to listen to the heart too. do this from now on.

    don't fear the future, don't fear anything. nobody and nothing can take over you or your happiness without you letting it.

    meanwhile, nurture your psyche as much as you nurture the physical. go with what you feel. I go with meditation and yoga, you can do the same or pick something else. the psyche is our link to the universe. by ignoring it, you will walk blind and the blind doesn't get anywhere. say goodbye to your old self and don't come back to it. when in despair and doubt, turn off mind chatter and say affirmation from the heart that you will get through this and the universe will provide you with help.

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