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  • I was seeing a man 10 yrs my sr. for about four years. I knew him as a young girl and had a crush on him only to meet him 11 years later socially. When I met him I knew I knew his smile and his ways. Which were an immediate anchor for me. We later figured out our pasts were intertwined. We have seen each other on and off for a while now but each time things deepen he makes a run for it. I don't feel this type of connection with anyone else and I am just a mess trying to make my way through so many emotions. He is Jewish and I am Catholic.. I mention this because it is one of the reasons he says we can' ever be. On one hand I understand that he is not what is best for me but on the other my heart doesn't give it up. I am not a foolish child nor an ignorant woman. I know this is the classic story. Maybe you have something to share with me that may be of help. Any advice would be nice.

  • Hi, I'm Catholic. Most Christian religions are Judeo-Christian. Based on Judiasm and Christianity. You know the Old Testament and the New Testament. Maybe you could get to know his religion a little better or show more interest. I'm not saying convert but it's actually very interesting. What Christians forget, I think, is that Jesus was a Jew. Jews are the chosen people. It seems like he is the one who is concerned about the differences. This is what concerns me. If I was in Love w/a Jewish person, I would probably have to have a ceremony in my church and the synagogue. I don't know how the Church views that. But, that is what I would do. But like I said, what concerns me is his thinking. Some things to think about. Good Luck.

  • i think that ending something over a religion is ignerant as a matter of fact my whole family is christian and i am athesist and my current partner is christian and he thinks that we shouldnt judge each other by our relgion because well who else is he gonna find like me not another damn person in this world

  • Ask him if his God is the God of Isaac and Jacob and Abraham. When he says that "he" is, then remind him that your "God" is too. Yes, you worship in a different way. You have different days that are important to you than are important to him. When children come along, you will have to make some difficult decisions as to which denomination is their "official" denomination. But as Dalia mentioned, Jesus was a Jew and that doesn't prevent the Catholics from listening to what he had to say.

    If you truly love each other, you will be able to find a way to work this difference out. My husband and I are not of the same denomination, but we have found a common ground and our 8 year old daughter knows the tenants of both religions and knows what parts are the same and whats parts are different. She also knows that her father and I agree that the is one "supreme being" and that the way a person chooses to worship that supreme being is a personal matter of choice. No way is the "right way" or the "best way". They are just different ways.

    We all want the same thing, to get to the "top of the mountain". And some people like to do it via rock climbing, and some want to ride small donkeys, and some need to ride in a helicopter, and some want to walk the winding path, but when we all get to the top, the view is still the same.

    Peace to you.

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