Focus on the 10 of Coins

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    Card 1: The card that is being Focused on.
    10 of Coins

    Astrological Correspondence: Mercury in Virgo
    Keywords: affluent, wealth, status, accumulation.
    Description: The Ten of Coins indicates family money or enterprise. If the querent is self-employed, it is a positive card because this shows he or she will be working for the future and earning money for themselves.
    Upright Associations: Family, emotional and financial stability, an inheritance. Responsibility, family matters, genealogy, profitable investments, blessings, legacy.
    Reversed Associations: A robbery, a loss, disharmony, petty quarrels, disorganisation. Family and/or financial instability. Demands and over committed to family and friends.

    Card 2: Present and Future thoughts - What the client thinks could be the Outcome.

    Astrological Correspondence: Capricorn
    Keywords: materialism (sex and money), lies, grounding, slavery, bondage.
    Description: The card of the Devil represents the darker side of humankind, all that we are shameful and base and that we avoid to confront. Its imagery connects to sexuality, irrationality, obsession, and addiction. Being enslaved by our fears and desires we find it hard to let go of unhealthy relationships, addictive behaviour, excessive attachment to material things, obsession with power. Accepting the shadowy side in us can help channel the energetic powers that this card also represents. Understanding that the chains that tie us down can indeed be lifted by confronting our dark side, and not letting self-hatred and shame take over empowers us to be free.
    Upright Associations: Love of money or physical wealth, a tendency to hoard. Uncontrolled lust or anger. Sexual obsession, manic behaviour, addiction, illusions.
    Qualities of this card in a negative situation include excessive ambition, rigidity, and abuse of power in the emotional as well as the material realm.
    Reversed Associations: Depression, untrustworthy person, disappointment, weakness. Obsessions, compulsive behaviour. Freeing oneself from a type of bondage, seeing the truth behind illusions.

    Card 3: Present and Past manifestations - What was happening and still is. Physical.

    Astrological Correspondence: Gemini
    Keywords: choice, decision, love, communication (between equals), inspiration (ideas from above).
    Description: The Lovers card is representative not only of crucial life choices, but also of lovers, couples, and other partnerships, like business partners, twins, friends etc. The young man between two women, depicted on this card, is symbolic of the struggle of trying to decide whether to follow one's heart or one's temptation/obligation.
    The Lovers card symbolises the choices that must be made to progress and grow on the way to higher self awareness; choices also reflect emotional values, indecisiveness, hesitation, and our fears about making the wrong choice. This applies not only to love relationships and marriages, it is applicable to any relationship where people may be drawn together, be it a business partnership or a casual, recreational one. The card of uncertainty!
    Upright Associations: Choices, love, harmony and union. Trust, honor, the beginning of a romance, optimism, a meaningful relationship.
    Reversed Associations: A bad choice, inability to make a choice, divorce, disagreements. Challenging gender rules, a need to avoid relationships, sexual blocks, jealousy.

    Card 4: Past and Present thoughts - What the client has already experienced.
    High Priestess

    Astrological Correspondence: The Moon
    Keywords: receptivity, passivity, potential, knowledge, secrets, something about to arrive.
    Description: The mysterious High Priestess jealously guards her secrets and occult wisdom. This card symbolises the unconscious, a concern with our internal worlds, spiritual forces, and the understanding of higher truths through dreams and intuition. As a wise woman the High Priestess is the Goddess of fertility and is seen as a healer, possessing intuitive powers, and clairvoyance, trying to create harmony and inner balance. She emphasises the necessity to get in contact with our inner self, to reflect and meditate, to trust our feelings, and to let dreams and intuition guide us. Observing rather than participating or acting the High Priestess can also represent platonic love, manipulation, a pause in a process that was progressing or even a standstill, causing doubt and confusion.
    Upright Associations: Intuition, wisdom and secret knowledge, emotional intelligence. Purity, virtue and patience, Stillness, looking inward, subconscious Divine Feminine.
    Reversed Associations: Emotional instability, emerging passion, delusion, directing outward. Combining intuition and logic. Activity, shallowness, illusion.

    Card 5: Present and Future manifestations - What is to come, unless changed by the client.
    Ace of Coins
    Astrological Correspondence: ****.
    Keywords: new financial ventures.
    Description: The Ace of Coins indicates potential for a financial venture. Although the initial seeds of creation are present, proper action must be taken to ensure material gains and prosperity.
    Upright Associations: A new business venture, the beginning or essence of prosperity, happiness or pleasure. Abundance, physical energy.
    Reversed Associations: Experiencing inner emptiness, loss, insecurity, delay. Material detachment, spiritual power.

  • Ok I've been thinking on this spread. Thanks again @Sirius for doing it! I think it is interesting how there is a lot of energy here in hesitation or things being held up, uncertain or blocked. Mentioned in relation to the priestess, the lovers and in some ways the devil (held, bound up, particularly in this reading by shame).

    Seems heavy, like a weight (or a legacy).

    So is the ace of coins a breaking out of that? Something new sprung away from it, or something new sprung from it? I'm inclined to read the latter I think.

  • @Sirius said in Focus on the 10 of Coins:

    Card 5: Present and Future manifestations - What is to come, unless changed by the client.
    Ace of Coins

    You have hit the nail on the head! The Keys here and with any spread, are the card placement meanings...
    Especially this one:- Card 5: Present and Future manifestations - What is to come, unless changed by the client.
    Ace of Coins
    64 (1).png
    What is to come unless changed by the client?
    There is your question. What do you want to change?
    What we have forgotten in today's modern life is the usefulness of a single coin. We see, even today, at the start of a soccer match, the referee take out a coin and toss it in the air to make a choice. I'm not suggesting you do this! 😄 AE Waite was very keen on symbolism in his cards and within divination as a whole. He believed that the spread was the culmination of the whole reading, it brought every part together, just like a jigsaw. If a piece is missing, then how can we see the whole picture.
    Sometimes, it may take that last piece in the puzzle or that last card in a reading that suddenly pulls everything together.
    As my Tarot teacher used to say, "it's not reading the cards that are difficult, it tends to be the people you're reading them for". I'm speaking metaphorically by the way. 😊

    So I think you are spot on here, but just before I finish, look at that card for a few moments.
    Now take a long walk down that path and have a look through that open archway at the end. Also, while you're taking that slow stroll towards your future, give that coin a few flips.

    Stay safe and well. 🌠💖

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