• I've pulled this as a reading for my week ahead. Deck is RWS.

    My interpretation: A historical injustice or wrong is going to be put right, and it's going to hurt.

    ...The spread is for my week. Does that mean it's going to hurt me...? Is it a historical wrong of mine? (I can't think of any, although I'm sure I have some. I do however come from an abusive family, and am wondering about that in relation to 10 of pentacles).

    I hate seeing the 3 of swords, any thoughts appreciated!

  • @LastLight
    let's look at each card individually and then how they could merge together ...
    What was your particular thoughts, questions when shuffling and laying out the cards, can make a difference too?

    but let's look in general ...

    Justice- can speak of equilibrium, balance , truth, facts , legalities, court, lawyers consequences of actions taken ....

    3 of Swords- heartbroken, betrayal, is this how you perceive the facts? the actions of others? expansion of growth of thoughts, perceptions .. ideas, plans ...

    10 of Pentacles - inheritance, wealth, coming together with finances, health, physical and material aspects. ...

    SO thinking what have you inherited from the past that brings a sense of truth to the surface and how will you feel when it arrives, what are the consequences of action taken ?

    Are you feeling betrayed, hurt, wounded, by the actions of others , their own truth , the perception of the situation from self or others, have you inherited this from the family? This could bring a sense of growth within self dealing with the situation.

    Hope this may give you some understanding of this reading .....
    it can be really hard for another reader to interpret the reading after the fact... because of the many layers of the cards depending on the context in that moment re thoughts, questions asked , energies etc...

  • @LastLight
    Hi, I do hope you don't mind if I give you my thoughts on these cards.

    You have gone way overboard with over thinking these 3 cards. The more I looked at them, the more intrigued I became as to why you seemed so self indulgent in wanting to blame yourself over some past indiscretion. Was this guilt or was it just a message that your cards were trying to impart to you in a more universal way. Tarot cards may be the tool we use to assist us in divination but they are very spiritual too. They help us to connect to our spiritual self which in turn connects to the spirit world through the Cosmos.
    So I checked out the Astrologically Correspondences for the two minor cards as I already know that the JUSTICE card corresponds to Libra and is ruled by Venus but is also exalted (awareness) by Saturn which apart from many associations, is also associated with Karma.

    Lo and behold what card was next? The 3 of Swords, which really put the cat among the pigeons. So what is the Astrological Correspondence of this card?
    Saturn in Libra! Well I never! Two cards that both have similar AC's, there is definitely a very strong message that someone or maybe something wants you to have.

    Now let's take a look at the last card's AC and we find that it represents Mercury in Virgo. Hang on a moment, Virgo is ruled by Mercury (the Messenger) so suddenly the last piece of this puzzle has fallen into place.

    A message or thoughts from the past has finally filtered through to the present. This message is NOT a warning. It is telling you to stop pondering in or on past events and to wipe the slate clean. It is now time to move on, simply because whatever these events or situations were, they have held you back and slowed you down to the extent that your life has come to a complete standstill.

    The 10 of Coins, the end of cycle and time to start making the right choices for a change. The Justice card is urging you to balance your life; it is certainly not judging you. This message feels like it's coming from someone you know or knew very well.

    Well it's time for me to move on, I do hope this helped in some way or another.
    Good luck.

  • Thank you @hekatesxing, yes. That's similar to my interpretation; I interpreted the 10 of pentacles as potentially about family/the past and 'inheritance' of the past in that sense - and because of the justice card I thought it was saying these things will come to light, and/or be put right. Looking at the 3 of swords in the middle, it seemed to me that rather than this be a positive thing, it would bring about a lot of pain and heartache. But I guess what it could also mean is an 'old wound', in relation to 10 of pents.

    Thanks for taking the time to think on it - I appreciate it!

    My question was 'what do I need to know about the week ahead'. I ask this at the beginning of each week and pull out 3 cards.

  • Hi @Sirius , thanks for your thoughts.

    Yes, I'm sure I have been overthinking it. That's why I put it up on thsi forum, to get an outside perspective 🙂 I wouldn't say I'm being self-indulgent though, or 'wanting' to blame myself. I'm just reading the cards together and as I wrote above, it seemed to me that something related to the past, and potentially family or something historically longstanding, (10 of pentacles) would come to light, be put right or have some sort of karma (justice) and that this was going to hurt (3 of swords).

    That's interesting about the astrological connections. I don't know much about that, but looks like its quite a strong connection between the cards.

    "This message feels like it's coming from someone you know or knew very well." - I'm not sure I understand this. Would you mind explaining?

    Thanks for your time and thoughts!

  • Oh, and @hekatesxing in terms of context. I also pull an oracle card as well alongside my spread. I use the starseed oracle (which I'm a little unsure about, but I do get interesting results most of the time).

    For this week's spread, the accompanying card is called "WAIT": "It's not yet time. Things are being woven".

  • @LastLight
    Hi again, I hope I can clarify a couple of things if I may.
    The 10 of coins is significant and is certainly connected to your past because this is where the message is coming from (Mercury the messenger). How this will be delivered I'm not sure and I don't know the context of this message. I would have to do a focus spread around the 10 to see if It reveals any clues as to where and what this message could be. I would generally do this if my client asked for clarity on any specific card during the reading but because I have broken from this reading and I can't guarantee it would reveal what I need to be answered.
    The 10 is associated with family matters, genealogy and close family ties so this was probably an assumption I made to someone you know or knew. I am not psychic but at times wish I was, so this statement was an honest assumption, no spirit voices or anything like that.
    If this assumption doesn't manifest I hold my hands up now.
    If you do want me to clarify the 10 of Coins I would be quite happy to do so but only as a separate reading to this one.

    I hope this has clarified the area you wanted.

  • Hi @Sirius , ah I see, thank you, that makes sense. Oh, that's a very kind offer! If it is of interest to you and not taking up too much of your time then absolutely, I'm sure that would be really helpful to get more info about the 10 of coins/pents. Thank you!

  • @LastLight re Wait .. It could mean even those all of these feelings are revealed, come to the forefront at this time .. it could speak about not speaking about it about to anyone .. be patient before acting on anything at this time ... because we know there are consequences of actions taken.. being careful about the action you take because of what could happen, results could be unexpected and cause heartbreak ...

    Sometimes I find the oracle cards can give us more information to look at the tarot cards with a different perspective, a fresh thought about what they could mean , another layer unveiled in that moment ..

    " SO thinking what have you inherited from the past that brings a sense of truth to the surface and how will you feel when it arrives, what are the consequences of action taken ?" The quick summary of those Tarot cards I wrote . then the Wait Card could speak of being still, being aware of what possibly are the results in which action you take ?

    Some rambly thoughts .. take care ...

  • @LastLight
    I've done the focus, "Focus on the 10 of Coins". I'll let you do the interpretation on this one. All the information is there so I hope this will clarify this 10 of Coins for you.
    I'm off to sleep now, wake me in the Spring. 💖😀

  • @Sirius Thanks so much! Looks like some interesting cards. I'm letting it percolate in my head for a bit... trying to keep it all in mind in relation to the focus card. Thanks very much for doing it!

  • @hekatesxing Thank you! Yes...or perhaps not the time to take action, but to let whatever it is that's coming to the surface happen.

    The Justice card was a focus card for me for a while earlier this year, as I felt like I had been treated unjustly and I wanted the damage that had been caused to me to be put right. Seeing it next to the 3 of swords is thus a little "eeek" for me. But I'm not sure I can relate it to that situation or not, as with the 10 of pents it seems more family/geneology related.

    Thanks so much for your input!

  • @LastLight
    Welcome .. Take care ...

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