General 5 card no spread spread meaning?

  • Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they think these cards mean please? (from left to right) I am using the mystical mondays tarot deck.

    1. nine of pentacles
    2. the sun
    3. the lovers
    4. the empress
    5. four of pentacles

    I am still new to this thank you.

  • @rochatarot
    I don't have this deck ..but let's look at some keywords for each card
    nine of pentacles- can speak of Rewards for hard work, maybe a little pampering is needed ...
    the sun- Happiness, things coming to light, being exposed ...content
    the lovers- Choice in relationships, partnership, passionate relationship..
    the empress- Fertility, Motherhood, mother figure, taking care of others , remembering self
    four of pentacles- Holding on to something, a need to put something aside, stability, foundations ..

    So maybe it can speak of you receiving some sort of rewards after you have worked hard you find a sense of happiness in this, you connect with another as you make choices knowing you must take care of self on some level, creating a sense of stability on your path ....

    maybe there is a need to pamper self , after things come to light, choices may need to be made as you have been so busy taking care of others, you may need to put something aside your yourself....

    Find what resonates with you When doing a general reading the cards have many layers as it may look at different levels of your life... Maybe focus on career, social, love, money, wellbeing, emotions, thoughts, ideas and plans , family, friends etc ...
    For example
    What do I need to know re MY Wellbeing ?
    or maybe How can I improve my finances?
    Then the reading could be something like
    You have been working so hard to save, put money aside for a rainy day so to speak, it is time to reward self.. do something that reminds you it is ok to nurture self.. It could be about the choices you have yet to make re the relationship with self , finding a sense of contentment, satisfaction within your own path. ..

    Hope this helps .. I find the best thing to do with the cards .. Is to go to a resource whether it is a guidebook or this website - write down 2-3 keywords per card then look at how they could go together to reflect the meaning of the cards in this moment ..
    Take care

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