A reading from the Captain, please.

  • Birthdays are:

    12 July 1967
    24 September 1980

  • Taurus. what is yours?

  • You don't mention what type of relationship this is or what you would like it to be so I will cover all types of relationships.

    This relationship manifests an unfortunate hypersensitivity. Usually unintentionally and even unconsciously, the two people have the talent of needling each other in the most tender spots. 12 July person may appreciate the other person's aesthetic sensibilities while the other person in turn, if 12 July is the more creative, will see the possibilities in any joint work that can be brought to artistic and financial fruition. If both people are artistically inclined to similar degrees, however, and in the same field (for example writing, painting or music), competition and jealousy are likely to mar the rapport, despite its level of understanding and sympathy. Perhaps the best possibility is for the two to share their artistic appreciation as a hobby, particularly when it is far removed from their individual daily activities.

    Empathy will often features in a love affair here, but desire isn’t necessarily commensurate with it. The relationship may lack strong sexual and romantic feelings, in other words, even when it is kind and loving. 12 July person may eventually tire of the relationship or even come to resent it, feeling it lacks the intensity that would make it worth their while, or that the other person is too involved with superficialities. If the love affair managed to reach marriage, the couple will appreciate a certain accepting ambiance in the relationship, as well as the opportunity to furnish a home beautifully. But inexplicable anxieties could arise for no apparent reason, and the thin skins that the relationship encourages could create a potentially overwrought emotional situation.

    Friends here can occasionally prove oversensitive to each other and go through periods of irritation and estrangement. It will be important for them to be less reactive to each other and to develop the capacity to ignore or resist negative feelings. Both partners must remember to express affection actively in daily life, and to show each other that they really care.

    It is not the most compatible of relationships overall and can be very tricky and difficult.

  • @TheCaptain Thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply. I hadn't logged in for a while.

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