Is my friendship ending?

  • i have a friend and they've been acting kind of distant and my guess is that they don't wanna be friends anymore with me, what do you think 😞

    Why are they acting distant: 4 of pents (reversed)
    they are deciding to let go of things that don't serve them anymore (me)
    What are their feelings for me rn: 6 of swords
    They want to get away, they're longing to get away from the situation
    Do they still want to be friends: Tower
    I believe not, I think they're looking for new beginnings, and want something/someone else in the friendship
    What's the best action I can take: strength
    have the strength (obviously) don't let this situation get to you, you're more than what you think?
    the outcome of the friendship: 3 of pentacles
    although you may not be friends anymore, you'll both find someone/something else that serves you? not sure how to interpret this

    overall this kind of does make me sad but I'm willing to take anyone else's opinion! I'm all ears

  • Sounds like this is causing you some pain. Sorry about that.
    4 of pents reversed might well suggest letting go. Or, the subtle but important difference...not holding on to things so tightly.

    3 of pentacles to me suggests working on something. Making the plan, building together, formulating and negotiating. As an outcome card I think that's good sign, especially regarding the Tower.

    I would interpret this spread as saying some hard truths have to be recognised, and if the friendship can be saved, it has to start again on stronger foundations. If the friendship does end permanently, then the outcome is still about strong foundations and better beginnings, and learning - being wiser - from the losses.

  • Looking at the cards overall, I suspect your friend is going through something at the moment.

    Why are they acting distant? 4 of Pents (reversed)
    They've been avoiding an issue that they are now having to face, maybe through choice, maybe not.

    What are their feelings for me rn? 6 of Swords.
    Could it be that your friend feels like you are moving away from them? It may be that your lives are travelling in different directions.

    Do they still want to be friends? Tower.
    Yes, the friendship has a solid ground, however something has happened that has caused it to change.

    What's the best action I can take? Strength.
    Be patient, offer support, a shoulder to cry on, be a source of strength for your friend.

    The outcome of the friendship? 3 of Pents.
    This is the teamwork card, it's going to take both of you to put effort into your friendship, maybe introduce more people to your friend group and broaden your social circle.

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