Request for Numerology Profile - Asha Kanta Sharma (12th Oct 1988)

  • Hey Experts,

    I have started using this great community for sometime now. Can you guys help me with my Numberology Profile /Advice for myself Please ?

    My Date of Birth is 12th of Oct 1988
    Place of birth is Guwahati, Assam, India

    Thanks for all your help.

  • Hey Guys,

    Please help me gain some insights for which I will remain evergreatful to you.

    Thanks and Take care guys

  • Asha, you are here to work through issues of expression and emotions, overcoming self-doubt to express yourself and use your gifts of highly tuned sensitivity, inner strength, and intuition to encourage, uplift, and inspire others. Your work and destiny, unlike some people's, are clear and focused. All of your resources complement and support one major life theme: emotional expression. Of course, you have some hurdles to overcome before you can fulfil your destiny - your innate perfectionism and an acute sensitivity to the pain and suffering of others can lead you into disappointment and dispiritedness at times and to expressing yourself in negative ways, such as through criticizing and complaining. You can turn this around into positive and uplifting expressions of joy, praise and appreciation.

    Love – although you can appear unemotional, even coldly rational at times, you also have a needy emotional quality about you that says "Appreciate me!" You may often look for emotional support in the outside world rather than in yourself. You have an extremely large and sensitive emotional energy field or aura and your voice will reveal your feelings. This energy field is your prime erogenous zone. If your emotions are shut down, sexual technique won’t help. When you are in a loving mood, however, you can be moved by passion – technique is secondary. Although you sometimes expect a lot without giving back in return, you do have a great capacity to give. Despite appearances to the contrary, you are a real romantic at heart - you love to fall in love and can get periodic emotional 'crushes' on other people. If you have a partner, you must be honest with them about this tendency. When you feel free to express feeling attracted to someone, this will help clear any obsessive tendencies towards the current attraction. Sometimes your emotions can rule you so it's important to let infatuations run harmlessly through your life without acting on them. Otherwise you will get involved in promiscuous situations or infidelities (real or imagined) and then wonder what happened. Relationships present a monumental opportunity for you to work through issues of honest expression and emotional vulnerability and you would do well to see them not only as a form of comfort, security and reassurance, but as a form of spiritual practice.

    Health: if you have any suppressed emotions, you will experience vulnerability in the throat area due to blocked expression. If you feel a scratchy throat or a blockage there, you need to ask yourself, “What do I need to express that I’m holding back?” Often, once you express what you feel, your throat will quickly recuperate. Music that opens the heart, touches the emotions, and enlivens or uplifts is always healing for you, as your health or illness reflects your emotional state. Your heart and knees can also be sensitive and vulnerable at times. If you have problems with misunderstanding, which you are prone to because of your issues with expression, you will get energy blockages around the knees, which over time will affect your circulation and eventually your whole physical structure. You need to eat and exercise according to what feels right to you intuitively - what feels emotionally as well as physically good. But you need to take care not to be run by your moods or to seek emotional consolation in the form of food or self-pampering when you’re feeling lovelorn. When you’re feeling blue, expansive exercise to music will lift your spirits.

    Career - With your talents and abilities, you can help to uplift and nourish others around you in your immediate environment or in a larger arena. You may be drawn toward artistic or scientific fields where you can receive acclaim for your efforts. You would be a good salesperson, writer, or lecturer – any role that reminds people of the feeling side of their lives. You have inherent gifts in any form of teaching, counselling, healing, performing or creative expression due to your ability to tune into people and subtle dimensions. You may choose to follow a social service path and can be a good manager. In addition to your emotional sensitivity, you have a superb depth of intuitive intelligence that can cut to the heart of some of life's core issues. Therefore, you would thrive in any field that involves clear logic and reason. You can do well in any career, but will feel most fulfilled if your work offers opportunities for self-expression.

    Finances: any lack of money relates in some way to self-doubt. If you use your gifts and expression in positive ways and believe in yourself, money will follow.

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