Who is Mason?

  • I keep getting signs from a spirit named Mason, all I get is the name Mason, that's it. Any of you with psychic ability have any clues?

    I am a 38 year old female

  • Hi, Maybe the spirit (he) has picked you to help him on his journey. So, how can you help. I don't know if my ideas would be in alignment with yours. I think he wants your help. Have you dealt w/this before.

  • PS Another thought is to go on-line and look up the name Mason in the obituaries. Is there a Mason county in your area, maybe a Mason City. I know there's a Mason City, Iowa. Maybe the local Mason group.

  • try communicate with him. what kind of spiritual exercises do you do? do that and try to talk to him. I do meditation and yoga for this purpose. I've seen spirits from past life and those just happen to be in the house or pass me by on their way somewhere. my spirit guide only comes if I call on her. so whichever way you do, try communicate with Mason.

  • ah I pressed submit too soon

    just want to add. Call him when you are ready. Or if he shows you signs, ask him right there what they mean and why he speaks to you.

  • Mason Carter. He lived in the 1800's. He was a solder in the Civil War.

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