Does he like me?

  • I have a friend and I'm not sure if he likes me because he sometimes acts really touchy and playful and the next he doesn't, is he just overly friendly?
    I found this tarot spread online and here is what I got. I'm open to any 2nd opinion!

    Does he like me?: 9 of swords
    Yes? they like you more than you think and this is frustrating them, like a strong longing?
    How does he see me?: 5 of cups
    He sees me as unavailable and that makes him upset, like a feeling of loss (I'm trying to make it connect it with the 9 of swords). OR he sees me as someone who judges him for the small mistakes he makes, I'm not sure what this could mean but if anyone has any opinions I am all ears.
    what are his feelings towards me?: 3 of cups
    So I see that many people say this is not a friendship card but others say it is and I'm not sure what to think, I'm trying to use my intuition more but it's kind of hard. But what I think is that maybe his feelings are just him wanting to just keep our relationship platonic and friends only? OR they think that I'm funny and interesting. They view me as the type of person they would like to spend time with.
    what are his intentions towards me?: 7 of swords (reversed)
    He doesn't want to sneak around with his feelings anymore? or like they have snuck around but want to confront the way he feels about me head-on?
    what is the best I can do in this situation?: 4 of cups
    Don't take any action, just wait and see how things go. observe the situation and think about what is it you really want.

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