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  • @LastLight, the two people here can make a dynamic and vivacious team, whether they engage in social or sports activities or in intellectual or business endeavours. The keynote here is vivid imagination, but also the practical skills to create from it, often in the visual arts. Others are often attracted to the relationship’s flamboyance and eclectic excitement. The main problem here is a tendency toward impulsiveness, and perhaps toward taking on too much; with these leanings kept in check, this can do well as a business partnership. The woman knows how to hold on to money and the man knows how to spend it; if they can agree on their priorities, they can make a go of it as commercial partners.

    In a love relationship, the man may disarm the woman with his childlike innocence, completely captivating her. Once her defenses are up, however, they don’t easily come down, particularly if built up through a number of failed relationships; yet this man may seem to be able simply to walk through her walls as if they didn’t exist. This relationship can inspire positive feelings that can drag either partner out of a lethargic or depressive rut. Even so, the relationship’s challenges may prove too much in the long run. Although perhaps gratified by the woman's attentions, the man will not easily share his deepest feelings, and after a short and enjoyable affair, he may take off for parts unknown - and without a lot of goodbyes, either. Too often this treatment will result in further withdrawal by the woman, and in yet another promise to herself, she will never let it happen again.

    In a friendship here, the man may find the woman overly demanding and controlling. Not content with shared activities, she will seek to bring her conflicts and searing emotions to his door, only to find she has reached the wrong address. He is capable of giving a lot in a friendship, but only up to a point; if she makes him feel taken advantage of, he will be gone. Her claiming, needy side may, unfortunately, bring her to that point.

  • Thank you Captain. Very interesting - It's a love relationship that is currently going really well and looks to be permanent.

  • Well Explained TheCaptain

    I am really interested to know and learn more about Tarot to have an in depth understanding and study of human lifes.


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