How would you read these 3 cards together?

  • I pull 3 cards for the week ahead each week. This week I got 9 of wands, 2 of cups and 7 of swords. My thoughts are that these are all stage cards: things may not be as they seem. Or this is a certain phase/stage/act in a wider story?

    2 of cups is in the middle so I'm wondering if that is the central issue, with both figures on the other two cards looking away, and holding on to something/running off with it!

    But I'm struggling to get a cohesive story between them. What are other people's thoughts?

    The deck is Rider Waite

    Any thoughts are hugely welcome!

  • @LastLight
    9 of wands can speak of a wounded warrior, maybe a need to persevere, to keep going, not give up...
    2 of Cups can speak of a connection on some level while 7 of Swords normally speaks of thievery, something being taken ...
    So overall maybe this week could be about you finding there maybe a loss in regards to a connection , so maybe you may feel wounded on some level .. Hurt because of a someone leaving in some way (maybe they are being sneaky in some way ) Some rambles .. hope this helps ...
    Another way to look at these cards can be about needing to persevere as a new relationship is formed as you take back your power on some level ..
    What deck are you using ?

  • @hekatesxing Thank you! It is RWS deck. Taking back power feels resonant. But so does losing/leaving, although that's not a new thing. I am feeling a little sensitive about it this week though. Any aspect of sensitivity makes it really difficult to read the cards!

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