Relationship reading please, Captain?

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  • @LastLight this relationship would make a good friendship but an impossible love affair. The relationship will revolve around an imaginative world that emphasizes physical grace, vivid fantasy and gentle idealism. A kind of balancing act is emphasized here, as well as conflicting energies that must be addressed. The relationship is very much about coming to terms with the relative and the absolute, the objective and subjective, the pragmatic and ideal. The two of you can feel a close kinship, for all your differences; this relationship carries your love of purity and lack of pretension to higher levels. The sensitive world of feelings that the February person inhabits is foreign to the March person, but still attractive and strange. At the same time, the straightforward and direct spontaneity and intuitive strengths of the March individual will often challenge the February person to action and spur them on to their best efforts. The combination is perhaps most beneficial for friends, as long as limits are put on the emotional interaction and the responsibilities for each other.

    Thus, the matchup can prove difficult in marriage or love. The February person’s need for attention can drive the March individual crazy, stretching to the utmost their capacity to give it. And it won’t just be attention that the February person will demand; sooner or later, they will want a far deeper kind of emotional involvement than the March person is prepared for or wishes, whether as lovers or spouses.

  • Wow. That feels spot on. Thank you Captain!

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