So confused with piscis woman!

  • Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing good.

    I met this pisces woman in May. We had an amazing first date in my place (she wanted it that way). She was really fun, loving and we had an incredible chat. Also, physical connection and sex was amazing.

    We kept on talking and really willing to hang out again. One night she texts me and ask me to go to his place. It was late and I was devastated by work, and told her that I would really love to see her that day, but I was AMAZINGLY tired of 11 working hours, and told her it would be better to hang out the next day, if she wanted to.

    That was the end. She stopped replying. Became incredibly wishy washy, undecisive, etc. After quite some insistance from my side, we finally got to meet in a bar, and she told me that the fact of not getting together that night was a heartbreak for her. She had huge expectations. I told her I was truly sorry, and that I understood her. I told her my side of the story too (working) but didnt seem to care. I told her that I really like her and she told me that at least for now, she wasnt available anymore.

    A week passed and she started messaging me again, and looking for me in a very subtle way. I re insisted quite a lot during a few weeks and I told her that a really wanted to see her. After a few talks, she came to my home again. We had a great talk, and some kisses too. But then, she told me she was onto "something", and that she had no idea what to do. I told her that I liked her a lot, but I wasnt able to force things and push her. I told her that I really wanted to see her again.

    She talked to me a few days after to tell me she decided to invest on another relationship, and I felt devastated. I told her that I completely understood her, and I was going to leave the door open, since I really cared for her, and really liked her a lot.

    I respected her decision, so we stopped chatting for 2 months. Also, tryied to avoid her in social media, because it hurts me a bit to see her in another relation. But now she comes back round again. First in small talks (birthday wishes that became a nice talk) and then she showed up in a big presentation I had. I had no idea she was going to come (she never told me so), neither none of our common friends knew. It was strange for all. I was impressed, confused, but at the same time, expectant.

    That was yesterday. Today, a friend in common told me she's still in a relationship, and she just wanted to come and enjoy the show, because she thinks everything's ok with me. Its incredibly strange, since we never again spoke, and we're not friends.

    I truly dont understand If i need to move on, to re insist (something that hurts me a bit because I dont want to be rejected again), or what. I dont know if she does this because she's insecure, or because she doesn't care about what I feel.

    Any help is truly appreciated.


  • Can you supply both your dates of birth?

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