Cancer Males?? Are they really that emotional and sensitive?

  • I swore off Cancer Males because I seem to NOT get completely along with them and their crazy ups and downs.

    However I have met a man and am now involved with (BD July 2) that is really... uhm, emotional?? (wears his heart on his sleeve) and we have only been dating for 2 weeks now and he has been coming on really strong.

    The first night we met he looked at my ring finger guessing what size I wore. Then he started telling me he "loves" me on a daily basis. He's even talking about moving in!!

    I'm ready to run for my life but he has treated me the best of any man I have ever been with, I love the positives but the rushing part is scaring me away quickly..

    Are there easy ways to handle this situation? I don't ever want to hurt his feelings because he is so sensitive, what do you do in this situation?

    Anyone ever been in a situation like this before?? Any good advice?

  • It's still early days. Read the other threads about cancer men ........ they are all the same.

    In a while it won't be the rushing that scares you.... but the hot and cold.

  • Run!

    He's trying to suck you in get a tight hold on you with his claws...Once he does he will crawl back into his shell and leave you hanging. Surely you already know this.

    Best of luck to you!

  • the ones I knew always wear their hearts on their sleeves. in fact after a fight they would withdraw not talking etc. then when they came out they would smile and laughing as if they did forgive me (if it was my fault) and yet they really didn', they would snap about it again later on. but it wasn't romantic relationship, I suppose I would pursue them if only they are more like Capricorns. well they are not of course, so it didn't happen. If I placed the emphasis on physical I would probably go with it since they do have the looks. but I need emotional stability and I didn't find it in them. So whenever I felt that urge to pursue them, I remind myself what might have happened. It worked every time. I then pursued a Cap and been married to him for almost 9 years. if only I fell for these Cancers, I would've not felt so much stability in my life.

    Now not saying I am bashing Cancers or water signs. I sure don't have good experience with them and I noticed the responders above me haven't either. But if they are not good for me, doesn't mean they are not good for others. You and I are both fire signs. You know what that means. water put out fire. You've been there. Remember the lessons you have learned. Are you strong enough to go through it again? you decide.

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  • cancers are very manipulative.they are agressive at getting what they want.the problem with that the feelings are not always mutual but still they can't handle the rejection. you have to be FIRM with him in letting him know what you want and what time frame you are looking at. they don't move fast...but if it's something they want they don't know how to let go and move on.don't let his emotions sucker you in either (cancers are great with making one feel guilty)

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  • Yah, dont get too used to this treatment. Maybe your cancer is different, but like, everyone i've talked to (and ive talked to a loooooot of people) have said their cancers start off really strong, maybe for the first month or two, and then all of a sudden its like.....bam. distance. no communication for days. and they're like 'wow, what did i do??' and no one understands it.

    So, dont depend on this much flattery because, like people are saying, it is possible he likes you a lot and is trying to hook you in. Once he feels secure that your around to stay, he'll start acting more like his cancer self, which means needing space and being moody.

  • i think they love hard for all the wrong reasons...(imo) they look so hard for that stability and security that if anyone has an ounce of what they are looking for they hook their claws into them....even if the other person doesn't know it.

    the thing about their aggression is that it is very subtly and indirect,so you can't guard yourself from them if you don't know the cancer traits.

    however if there is mutuality there it could be a great love exprience.but take your time because cancers have alot of negative traits...*** such as ; holding grudges,undermining you,secrets and alterior motives for their best interest.they are not considerate at all when it comes to intimate relationships.and they are very SELFISH.

  • Every body is always bashing cancers, they do run hot and cold but are usually pretty sincere, I think it is absoulutely rediculous to judge someone before you even know them ei DONT DATE CANCERS, or Sag, or any one how would you like someone to judge you because of someone eleses actions? It's not fair to the individual. Having said that cancer or not whirlwind romances often fizel out I would enjoy my time, affection, and attention, and still be mindful that we are in the beggining stages and take time before investing emoitionally.

    If it is all moving to fast tell him you love the attention and affection but don't want to rush in out of fear of burning out. Good luck, never mind what has happened to and with other people this is your life live, love, and laugh.

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  • TO: AriesPiscesCusp

    when is your BDAY? IS YOUR BDAY MARCH 20..IF SO YOU ARE A PISCES AND PISCES AND CANCER ARE BOTH WATER SIGNS.THAT MAY EXPLAIN YOUR ATTRACTION TO THEM..OR THEM TO YOU.SORRY FOR THE CAPS.....but if you are an aries march 21 then you are an aries with pisces traits perhaps.

    i'm a virgo...and i always attract to feminine signs.all of my friends are either earth sign or water sign.can't mix fire with earth,nor can you mix air with water it doesn't blend well.

    air feeds fire..just like the water feeds the earth water.

  • TO: sexygem

    Being in a relationship with a cancer is not a bad thing.The problem comes when you are not feeling that relationship as they are and the won't let you go.they guilt you to prevent you from walking away.

    another thing with the women...they are slobs when it comes to keeping house.they are pack rats and unorganized (which will drive a man crazy)

    they don't like anyone near you,they are smothering and don't like to be pushed away.

    but they are loyal and dedicated...but is that a good thing if you don't desire them that way?

  • I know a few people who are not cancers that fit this bill, There are positives and negatives with any person, any sign, I think the reason cancers have been getting a bad rap on this forum, is because most people only post their problems, who wants to read or hear how happy someone is and when you're happy what advice do you need?

    I have had my heart broken by 3 sagitarians, 2 leos, a libra, and a taurus. Although I believe that other men of the same signs may have similar traits, I would never say all of our problems were about astrology. If I were single I would give any man who was respectful, employed, and attractive a chance to show me what they are made of. I wouldn't ask a woman who has something against him for advice.

    A lot of people on here are going thru their own problems with cancers and may try to put their hangups on someone elese that is foolish to judge a man based on anything but his own actions, up to now this guy has been nothing but good to this woman and is a positive thing. When you start having problems, you deal with them as they come. IF they prove insurmountable then you move on.

    As far as someone who has feelings for you that are not mutual (and I don't think that's wat ariespices is saying) it is hard to tell someone you don't feel the same and you will feel guitly when you've hurt someone's feelings, I don't think cancers have that market cornered either.

    I am suprised that cancers are getting this much bad press, they are really nice guys, sometimes things just don't work out.

  • And to maria, every woman should be or should get use to being treated like a lady, it should be a requirement in the early, mid, and late phases of any relationship. When things get hard (as they do in any relationship) it helps when you know that you have not been mistreated, that regardless of his decision to contiunue the relationship you were honored and respected.

    Be good to yourself and expect others to do the same.

  • TO: sexygem

    you are right there are traits in every human being that are megative and positive...however those negative traits and or positive tend to be more dominant in a certain sign than others.

    for example** taurus tends to be very aggressive,controlling and dominating in a bad way. but this may work if you are very submissive.9 times out of 10 you won't clash.

    but if you are an aries dealing with a taurus a ram and a bull will probably be trying to rip each others horns off.

    so it's certain things that will make or break according to zodiac signs. but there are those rare occassions when a person is the complete opposite of their sun sign and may take on traits by their moon sign.

    i would give anyone a chance x husband is a taurus.i'm a virgo we were compatible but he was to controlling,not to mention his moon sign is a scorpio,so he was double a control/possessive man.

    i tolerated him for so long because i am a very humble and patient person.he didn't last long with others because they were just as rowdy as he it was to much chaos to stand the relationship.

    zodiac signs aren't meant to tell you who to be in a relationship with,it only serves as a guide to enlighten you on peoples personalities to help you comprehend them when you will otherwise not understand them.

    i see it as a tool to give us an advantage on knowing a person and what their best qualities are and negative traits.then we won't be so surprised and take their reactions so personal we can say..."it's nothing personal,just who she/he is " then we have more patience instead of giving up a good relationship that could have worked.

  • one more thing to sheisavirgo, anyone who loves you is going to make it hard to walk away and try anything including guilt, begging, and the gamut of emotions to get you to stay, ALL 12 signs. Jelousy is another thing that is a normal human emotion you feel when you love someone and don't want to loose them. All 12 signs experience it, that is different from an abuser, but wanting to protect something you hold dear is natural, and an indication that someone plans on you being in their life for the long haul.

    I you are with a person who doesn't care who you are with or what you are doing with them, or If you are with someone and try to leave and they just let you walk away.......they don't love you.

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  • I agree it is a tool to help you understand, but you can't assume you know all of the good and or bad in a person from what you read. I am a gemnin but my chart is full of water, and earth, I am a homebody, I am faithful and dedicated, stable, and none of the things I often read about gems, although I am a classic gemnin type. If someone were to read an astrology book or 2 and assume they knew me, they'd be wayyyy off base.

    You can't predict what will happen when chemistries blend, it can be wonderful, or disasterous even when you have tried to be "safe" by using astrology or any other tool. The best and worst case senerios are often wrong.

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