Another relationship reading from the Captain please

  • Hello Captain this is about my younger friend older sister she is very smart she was the valedictorian at her high school I don't think I'm ever going to end up with any of them girls because the older one is into another guy and the youngest is too young for me and I don't think there parents really approve of me because of who my family is and my parents life style I got along with younger sister better I believe she was the one that liked me older sister was shy and didn't pay much interest in me Like i said I don't think I will ever get hooked up with her but i refuses to rule it out completely my Birthday February 16 1996 hers May 20 1998

  • @scotty667 I don't see this being a good relationship of any kind. You are too very different people. You may see this girl as shy but she is not. She just wasn't interested. She is actually objective and extroverted, while you are subjective and introverted. You two are sure to come into conflict since your differing approaches will prevent you from understanding each other’s desires - nor will you even see your own clearly. Tension and arguments would be inevitable.

  • This post is deleted!

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