Captain could you do an insight on this person?

  • Hello Captain the person I'm asking about is the Pastor at my Church I don't think he is a very Pastor or even a Good person for that matter in his sermons he always talks down to members and talks about their private business in front of the whole Church I try not judge people but when I get a bad feeling about people I'm right a lot of times I'm interested to hear what you feel about this person his date of birth is May 20 1982 thanks

  • @scotty667 this pastor has a split personality. Sometimes he is nice, sometimes he is not. He will often show random and inconsistent behaviour and has a lack of stability, rarely finishing what he starts. He can be very superficial, judging people by their outer looks than by their inner character, and considers himself superior to everyone else. He feels his mission, being a superior being, is to save all the inferior beings of this planet which is an ego-driven project and not a spiritual one. You are indeed correct about this pastor.

  • @TheCaptain thanks again that sounds just like him

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