Could Captain or anyone please give a reading or advice about this.

  • Could Captain or someone please do a reading for me about my career situation. I had 3 carrer opportunities pop up all within a week of each other. I'm trying to listen to my intuition about them. I've been meditating too. I'm not able to pick up much about them. But I think its because I'm a little nervous too. Does anyone have any suggestions about to go with my gut instinct? How to pick up on my intuition? It's funny how sometimes my intuition can help me with other situations. But I can't feel anything when it comes to job hunting other than excitement. Thanks, I would appreciate any advice:) my birthdatte is 12-12-80.

  • Try doing something like meditating or relaxing with deep breathing to put you into a calm state. Then think of each job in turn and see what physical reactions you have. These reactions will be prompted by your intuition. You may feel light and well about one job or get a mild headache or have a sick or anxious feeling in your gut about another.

  • @TheCaptain thanks for the advice I appreciate it! I will try that. Makes sense to clam down the senses and quiet down to listen more closely. So not so much is going on.

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