Offering couple 11 card readings

  • Please state question and will respond

  • I would love one my question is:
    What do I need to know about my relationship with my partner Zachery? Thank you 🙂

  • @LibraJustice ok will try to get to soon

  • @Dallyalot I want to ask is there anyone who is stalking me? If yes then why?

  • @sara007 Ok give me couple days

  • @LibraJustice hi could you shed some light on where the miscommunication is coming from. Could be his work too

  • @LibraJustice you have a rather hard reading. There's problems with communication and feel like Zach is forging a road of his own. I feel like you've struggled w how's this all gonna work out. He's tried or thought about several different things as far as path work etc. He doesn't follow a traditional path--hierophant is rev in foundation, 9 of swords is crowning 10 of wands. He's done w the drama and feel he's gonna step outside whatever is causing the mild dramas --5 of wands rev in future position. There are steps he must work thru. I feel he has to do something himself outside the group. He has a younger spirit and can be moody at times--page of wands is in challenges position. Is he a water sign. Queen of wands in the friends position. I don't know who this is but feel it's someone who has a creative approach who can help him on his journey whether it's career, his outlook etc. I see this person as a catalyst to move him in the direction he needs to be in. I feel like you've worried about where this relationship will go. There are things he needs to deal w in his life. If I'm reading wrong and it's more focused on your relationship then he needs to focus more on the relationship. I feel like he's had a lot going on outside the relationship that's made it hard. I feel like he's tried to reach out to you in past and it wasn't reciprocated. It feels like you're more worried and he's backed up. You both have some bottled up emotions. Feels like a nice dinner somewhere would be nice just to reconnect. There's a lot going on w communication

  • @sara007 for yours I'm gonna try and do a psychic impression first. Then possibly a tarot reading. Give me couple days

  • @Dallyalot
    Thank you very much for the reading it resonates especially with work for him and there are quite a few bottled up emotions as it has been rough for us for the past month and we are finally able to start getting on our feet to make a better future together. We are hoping to eventually start a family which we are in the process of trying. I think with the stuff he has to deal in life as before me he was married before but divorced 3 years ago and there are claims that he may be a father to a daughter but the ex wife cheated on him with multiple men but hasn’t gotten a test done to determine paternity which I urged him once he is financially stabled to get done because he put his name on the child’s birth certificate because he was caring for her other two children she had. We have a bit of issues with communication but we are working towards bettering it

  • Hi, I'd love a reading please? What do I need to do to find joy, healing and peace?

  • @Dallyalot could you please do a reading for me. I could really really use it. I recently gound out some info about my ex hubby which isn't good. Could you please do a reading to see if my bf would be open to my kids living with us more and attending school where we live? My bd is 12 12 and his 06-24. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!

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  • can i get a reading plz

  • @Dallyalot did you have a chance to do my reading? I wasn't sure if you saw my post from 2 weeks ago?

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