Male gemini, female virgo confused friendship advice

  • Ok so i met a girl at work 2 years ago and I instantly felt that I knew her from somewhere. Maybe in a past life or something I don't know. I'm not usually a people person, and don't get to know many people but there was something about her. It was clear to me from the beginning that she was gay and in a relationship. C was a single mom with a beautiful little 3 year old daughter, unfortunately C was abandoned by the father and from what I could learn she was pretty much just dissapointed with every straight guy she ever met. We got to know each other pretty well and one day she says she loves me, I knew this meant just as friends, and I completely felt the same way. I made it very clear that I love her and always will. She tells me that she and her girlfriend have no friends so I try to be the best friend to both of them. This works up until just recently when her girlfriend gets jealous over me wanting copies of pictures she took of all of us hangin out together. There was a big fight between them which I heard over the phone where the girlfriend N said she "didn't want to get a joint checking account with C because she didn't know, after 3 years of dating, if she wanted to spend her life with C." I knew from the first month of knowing C that i wanted to be her friend forever. I tell her that i love her and would do anything to make her happy even walk away if she wants. I also learn in this call that C has a best friend already who has helped her through this. Why would she tell me she doesn't have any friends when she has a best friend? 3 weeks pass and she calls and says she isn't giving up on me and wants us all to go out next weekend to haunted houses. I told her i would love to go and i really want to but i feel like she lied to me and doesn't even consider it worth an apology by not addressing it. It seems like one long series of her making me want to get closer but then pulling back when I do. Are all virgos this way?

  • I am a virgo..but no I think it would be the opposite for me..dealing with a gemni..he finally got close to me and I am responding and he's she isn't really sure of your intentions so thats why she is hesitating or else she is way too deep into the other relationships? not sure....

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