How do you feel about tarot videos

  • I have found that during the pandemic alot mediums, psychics and tarot readers those who practice in Realm of metphysichal have resorted to online platforms to serve the collective.

    Do you feel this is just a trend or something that is going to continue to flourish.

    Especially since social media and MANY other SOCIAL PLATFORMS HAVE BECOME A HUGE melting pot.

    If so do you belive these type are tarot can be called a tarot?

  • @StarseedLex
    Collective readings can be taken as a moment to reflect , they may or may not resonate ... you may find these readings are speaking about an Universal Energy but may not resonate within your own life at this time ... It totally depends on the reading, the reader and how they word the reading in that moment. There are so many different readers that read very differently ..
    Anyone who uses a Tarot deck in a reading can call it a Tarot reading... And yes with the way the world is at this time . Collective readings will continue to develop in many ways ... This can be a way a reader will showcase the way they read for their potential clients . Many Readers were using media platforms for doing collective readings (many of us were using Tsu in 2014/ 2015 when it was popular) .. I was also using Twitter and My Space at that time and had started to use Youtube at the time (with different Channel name ) . There were others that have come and go over the years that readers have used for awhile and YouTube has been one the major ones over the years ... I think sometimes there are moments in our life that something suddenly comes to our notice even though it may have been around for many years ..

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