Do they dislike me?

  • so I have a roommate in college right now, and it's been 2 months so far and we aren't really close or talk much. So I wanted to know how she felt towards me because I honestly think she dislikes me
    So when I asked "how does ___ feel about me" I got
    4 of cups, 3 of wands, and 9 of cups

    to me this might be interpreted as, she feels as if I'm a boring person or that i don't wanna talk to her, and that I'm a bit distant(3 of wands), but overall satisfies to be roommates, kind of like tolerable?

    So I then asked "what can I do to deepen our relationship and I got
    7 of cups, the empress, and wheel of fortune
    this means that I need to stop fanaticizing on what i should do, and just do it, but I'm kind of confused on how the empress and wheel of fortune come in and play... any thoughts?

    also, I used RW deck

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