Feelings for me reading - Meaning required

  • I pulled, Magician, Chariot (rx),The sun and Ace of cups in same order for a reason I did to see someone's feelings for me. Can anyone explain the meaning to me? 🙂

  • @CURIOUSsoul
    Which deck did you used?
    What was your specific question when you drew the cards?

    let's look at each card and think about what they mean together ...
    The Magician can speak about looking beyond the illusion, see beyond the surface, behind the scene things happen we do not always see... Can also speak of using skills, and tools to manifest what you desire...

    Chariot (RX) can speak of blocks, delays, setbacks to finding direction, to have success in this moment .

    The Sun can speak of finding happiness and joy, having things exposed, brought into the light... and Ace of Cups can speak of new beginnings, a new start to love .. Thinking about one's own emotions, feelings in this situation.. Open the lid to a new relationship , knowing it is in your hand what you do.

    Overall Summary - these cards could tell us to look beyond what we see on the surface as there may be blocks to the chosen direction, things may be revealed as you open your heart to new possibilities to a relationship ...

    If You asked about their feelings towards you at this time... it could say they may feel as though you are skilled at manifesting what you desire . ( it can speak of manipulation also) as there is a block to moving in the direction they want to achieve.. They find happiness and joy (maybe find things opening up ) thinking about their own emotions... maybe in starting something new with you in regards to a relationship.

    Hope this gives you some thoughts re this .. Take care ..

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