Hermit, 8 of wands and 10 of cups as action

  • I did a reading about what action will person A take in regards to a situation involving myself. I pulled the Hermit, 8 of wands and the 10 of cups (RWS deck)
    I'm more confused about the hermit and the 8 of wands as a combo?
    Does it mean that person A needs to be take some time for themselves before taking any action?

  • Yes I'd interpret it that way. The hermit - taking some time and space to know what they want, and once they know, it's going to be full steam (or, er, wands) ahead.

  • @LastLight Ah good to know! Wasn't too sure if i was hitting the nail on the head especially with such a contradicting combo lol. Thank you for insight, very much appreciated!

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