Taurus man confuses me !!

  • This man I know elder to me he was my senior in my previous office ..very very charming man!gosh he was hot.
    A year passed and then one night we started talking over the net and things got steamy he said he wants me more now and that he hasn't been attracted to anybody in a long time.He called that night and we spoke to eachother. (This happened last year).
    Some days later he starts texting again asks when am gonna meet him ,now I was so nervous I kept on ditching him (honestly thought he's gonna leave soon)lol boy I was wrong !
    He texted one night and said that he wants to meet me in the middle of the night I ofcourse said it was absurd and I ain't doing it (it's unsafe)!!!.
    He drove upto my place and stated that it's all about seeing me once.i asked him to leave and he said sorry about it .
    I met him four months back and we had sex (which was ok for me ) PUZZLED ME WHEN he starts kissing my forehead and cuddling , telling me about his childhood parents and life.oh I forgot he has asked me several times if I am seeing anybody?
    I just had a rough breakup my ex was a February pisces and am sorry but he was the most disgusting person I know abused me my parents hit me called me names etc.
    So I broke up in August this year ...it wasn't easy but am happy am safe now and nobody is abusing me for wearing shorts :')
    Coming back to this guy
    I told him that I am not ready to sleep or have casual sex he says he wants more than that etc but also can't forget what happened that day .
    He is now adding me all over social media and am sure stalking me online
    This is puzzling the eff out of me.

  • Too fast, too soon - this is headed for disaster if you don't pull out. Are you sure he isn't married or otherwise partnered?